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Where do I begin?  What is important to know?  How do I find affordable options?


We know that as the world has gotten more complicated so has the college search process.  It can be difficult to find information that is both accurate and helpful.  Even worse, sometimes a nugget of good information is taken out of context and becomes more damaging than helpful.  We used to say something changes every day.  Now, that seems to be hourly.

Understanding your student’s individual position is vital.  One size does not fit all.  I offer professional step-by-step guidance with a compassionate hand that brings information, organization, stress-relief and peace of mind.  Encouraging my students and instilling confidence in them is a priority.


I also pull back the curtain to explain the realities of college admissions today for each student. I have frank and enlightening conversations with parents regarding the cost of college.  I advise, educate and provide resources to parents who prioritize the financial piece.  

I want you to get college savvy and


The Real Goal

To find a college where the student will thrive, that aligns with his/her goals and the family’s financial and geographical needs.  It really is all about fit. 

The Key

To properly identify the short term and long term goals, what the needs are, who the student is today and who they might become. 

The Process

The process is one of self-discovery that encourages students to think, explore and learn things about themselves they never knew.   CollegeSavvy Consulting will guide the student with a balance of support and push. 

The Student

We appreciate that each student is unique, even if he/she is a twin or triplet!  We understand that some of you might be well-suited and prepared for a highly selective college while some of you may not be.  We value each student and provide the same quality service regardless of academic or athletic prowess.  Simply put, everybody counts.  We believe that every student can be successful.  That is what we plan for.

The challenge of perspective

Unwavering news cycles and societal chatter only serve to heighten anxieties, give rise to misconceptions and feed unrealistic expectations.  Sometimes it drives

parents to take over the process for the student and allows college admissions to become a status competition.  When this happens, students over-schedule themselves to the point of exhaustion and chase societal expectations instead of their own aspirations. 


It does not have to be this way.  Don’t be duped into believing there’s only one road map to success.  Attending a highly selective college is not a golden ticket and it could be a terrible choice for some.  At CollegeSavvy Consulting, we pride ourselves on calming the waters and providing perspective.


Students and parents should have the opportunity to explore the college choice from a place of integrity, knowledge and confidence.

Contact us so we can talk about how to help you properly plan and navigate college admissions.  Your ability to make thoughtful and informed decisions is vital.  That is why we want to make sure you 



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