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I have seen firsthand how college admissions has dramatically changed over the past 10+ years and sincerely empathize with parents & students over how daunting the process has become.


After 7 years as a research & product development chemist, I became an entrepreneur and built a successful sign & graphics business. After selling that business, I stayed home with my rotten kids for some years.  Later, I went on to a community career center where I assisted mid-level professionals with the job search process. 

At the same time, I started the college search process with my own kids and initially (like many of you) was overwhelmed by the amount of information and disinformation out there. I researched for years to unravel the complexities and eventually studied college admissions and attained my Independent Educational Consultant graduate certificate from UC Irvine.  I have volunteered at Streetsquash in Newark and worked as program director of college admissions for a tutoring company.


I am a member of IECA, HECA, NCAG, SACAC, NJACAC and assist students both in the Midwest, East Coast and Southeast. In addition to active participation in these professional organizations, I am committed to my professional development. Every year is a non-stop loop of campus visits, counselor tours, meeting with college reps, and attending regional & national conferences and educational seminars.  I am grateful for my vast network of colleagues.  When you hire CollegeSavvy Consultants, you have indirect access to these networks.


I consider empathy, analytical thinking, seeing the big picture and dot-connecting to be some of my greatest strengths. Truly, the years of endless study/research, working with students from all walks of life and witnessing the college aftermath has given me perfect hindsight. Every student & family is different and requires a different strategy.

I calm the waters, filter out the noise and empower students & families with practical and useful information.  I want you to get college savvy and go in with your eyes wide open! Whenever possible, I love to play tennis and once in a great while, fit in some golf!

Here is a sampling of colleges to which clients have been accepted

Professional Memberships

Wondering how IECs help students and families throughout the college search process?

Watch this short video

Washington University

Duke University

Lafayette College

Drexel University

UT Austin - Business Honors

Indiana University

Franklin & Marshall

University of Illinois

University of Pittsburgh

James Madison University

George Washington University

Texas Christian University

University of Connecticut

Villanova University

Miami University

Univ. of Wisconsin- Madison

Wake Forest University

Lehigh University

Michigan State University

Marquette University

Fairfield University

University of Delaware

Rutgers University Honors

University of the Sciences

Saint Louis University

Stonybrook University

Boston University

Johns Hopkins University

University of South Carolina

University of Maryland

Clemson University

Penn State University

Temple University

University of Dayton

Monmouth University

Duquesne University

Quinnipiac University

George Mason University

Sacred Heart University

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