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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Plan  

At its core, the plan is always to work towards the student’s best chance for success. 


The more time you have to properly prepare, the less stress you’ll have.  By planning early you will gain knowledge, confidence and also increase your odds of success.  Remember that stress is inversely proportional to preparation! 


According to the National Center for Educational Statistics ( the national 6 year graduation rates are hovering at 59%.  This is a sobering statistic.  Much of this has to do with poor or no planning, (See USA Today, Dec 16, 2015 by Nika Anschuetz).  Don’t become a part of this statistic.


We are here to provide assistance and guidance however you need it.

8th Graders and High School Freshmen

CollegeSavvy Consulting recommends a few sessions prior to entering high school and during freshman year.  This is the perfect time to get off on the right foot in high school.  We can review extracurricular activities, course selections and talk about how they fit into the big picture for college readiness and the application process.

Comprehensive Plan  

Typically, this plan is started anywhere from freshmen year to the middle of junior year.  This plan is for the family looking for guidance throughout the entire process, all the way to deferrals and appeals if necessary.  We develop the plans and timelines, take students through each step and help keep everyone organized.


The comprehensive plan encompasses all the components of the traditional college admissions process.   We work with each student one-on-one to help them tell their story and complete the most impactful application they can.  In essence, we want to help each student put his/her own best foot forward.  Our focus is on each student’s unique profile and goals as we work on finding good-fit colleges where they can succeed.  

Depending on the student’s position and timing, the comprehensive plan can include all or some of the areas below:


  • Course selections and academic planning

  • Activity and summer planning

  • Career exploration assistance

  • Financial aid and merit aid education

  • Testing plan

  • Assessments & Inventories

  • The College List

  • How to research colleges, navigate college fairs and interact with admissions reps

  • How to plan and conduct college visits

  • Resume

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • College Essay brainstorming and reviewing to student’s final draft

  • Application strategy, schedules, deadlines and review

  • Interview prep

  • Assistance with final selection if warranted

  • Helpful tips for the family “Before You Go”

Hourly Consultation  

Single hour or purchased in blocks, these hours can be used for assistance in a variety of areas of the family’s choice.  This plan is for families that only want help in specific areas/topics and are not looking for the continuum of value-added support in the comprehensive package.  The following are examples of topics and this list is not to be considered exhaustive:


• Academic planning    • Summer planning     • Supplemental essays    • Deferrals    • Appeals    • ED/EA deadlines   • College research  •Career/Major exploration    • Test planning    • Campus visits    • Merit Aid    •Resume    • Activities   • LORs   

• Interview Prep   • Financial Aid    • Merit Aid Education    • Final Decisions    • Review of offers of Admissions    • Student-Athletes    • College admissions today and your student    • Gap Year     

Hybrid Plans

Sometimes, an in-between plan is desired.  Perhaps you only want the college list?  Or only looking for help at application time?  Perhaps you are an athlete or a fine arts candidate looking for additional assistance? Call or email us and we can chat about your needs.

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